Battery calculator

A battery calculator helps to estimate the battery lifetime of your tracker. The given estimations always depends on the configuration of the tracker and the needs of the use case. A battery calculator therefore also comes with a delimited use case/tracker configuration.

The battery calculator for the TRACK 1130 is a basic calculator but we hope it can help you to get a rough idea of the battery lifetime of the tracker.

Table 1. Battery calculator use case TRACK 1130
Average number of relocations Average number of messages emitted per day Estimated battery lifetime
1 relocation per workday (= 5 per week) 4,49 6,88 years
2 relocation per workday (= 10 per week) 7,85 5,38 years
4 relocation per workday (= 20 per week) 12,54 3,74 years

The use case takes following assumptions into account:

  • Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) not considered
  • Data Integrity enabled (success rate 85%)
  • 1 Keep Alive message per day
  • DL every day
  • 5 operating days per week (=5 days per week)
  • ECL levels assumptions taken: ECLO 70% and ECLD2 30%