Sensolus Mobile app

Information on the Sensolus mobile app.

Main features of the Sensolus mobile app

The Sensolus mobile app focuses on what end-users need during daily business operations on the road and on site, while physically interacting with the tracked assets. The app helps finding and identifying nearby assets, inspecting their status, receiving and reviewing alerts, editing certain types of operational data (for example registering asset maintenance or editing custom data fields) and more.

The Sensolus mobile app is also the primary tool to use when documenting the initial installation of trackers on an asset: setting the asset, linking asset tags, adding photographs, entering the 3rd party ID.

Finally, the app can also be used for technical tasks such as firmware updates and troubleshooting certain types of issues.

Mobile app or web portal?

More advanced administration tasks that can be easily performed remotely and benefit from having a larger screen and keyboard, will often only be available via the Sensolus web portal in your browser.

It is good to know that the web portal has a responsive web design, meaning that you can also use it in the browser of a mobile device. Especially on tablet devices, using the web portal in a browser may often be preferred over using the mobile app.

However, tasks such as bar-code scanning, text recognition or Bluetooth connections always are only available in the mobile app.