Collecting local tracker debug logs

For advanced troubleshooting reasons, Sensolus may request to collect local tracker logs using the mobile app. This page describes the steps to do so.

When to collect tracker debug logs

Tracker debug logs are very detailed and are only useful to Sensolus engineers, for escalated support reasons. You only need to learn how to do the log collection after you have been request by Support to do this.

Sensolus devices regularly collect and send diagnostic information to the Sensolus platform. However, not all logging by the device firmware can be collected due to size limitations. Also, in case of connectivity issues, the only way to retrieve information is via these tracker debug logs.

Real-time debug log forwarding

When taking the steps described below, the Sensolus mobile app will connect to the tracker via Bluetooth (BLE) and continuously collect and display the tracker's log output. Simultaneously, the mobile app will forward all this output to the logging system of the online platform, where a Sensolus specialist can then inspect the logs.

As preparation, verify the following prerequisites:

  1. Have the Sensolus mobile app (see also: Mobile app installation and login). Your user must be in the same organization as that of the trackers you want create a log of.
  2. Be familiar how to make a tracker connectable via BLE (Sensolus trackers Bluetooth visibility).


  1. Using the mobile app, open the specific tracker page.
  2. Scroll down and navigate to Bluetooth Actions > Console. Click on Console.
  3. A mostly blank screen appears, with the tracker serial number on top of the screen. The bottom screen bar shows "Disconnected", indicating that it is not connected to the tracker
  4. Click the Play icon next to initiate the connection. The bottom screen bar status will change to "Scanning".
  5. Briefly place the magnet on the tracker (during 1 second). The green light should briefly light up on the tracker. Now, the status text in mobile app should to "Connecting" and then "Connected". This means it is streaming the log files.
  6. Depending on what the tracker is currently doing, you may see logging output. In most configurations, shaking the tracker should cause some events to be logged related to the accelerometer detections).
  7. Follow further instructions given by the supporting Sensolus specialist, who should confirm that the logs are received on the cloud platform side.
  8. During the log sessions, keep the mobile device and keep it activated, so it can continue to stream the log events.
  9. When done, click the Stop icon to disconnect the logging.